Remo 101

Welcome to Remo!

We have created a platform where people from across the world can enjoy human interactions in a virtual environment. We strive to help you connect your events virtually without compromising the human dimension. With this in mind, the Remo team has built a platform that encapsulates the same feeling of attending a networking event, classroom, innovative workshop, or company reunion, while bringing it right to your laptop.

Getting Started With Remo

We love Remo, and we hope you will too. We’ll guide you every step of the way so that you can understand the platform and apply it to any event.


Below are the building blocks of Remo:

1. Perspective – Remo pioneers a 2-D worldview, which means that objects and visuals come to life. When people enter the event, they will start by having a small circle filled with either a person’s picture or initial. This will serve as the person’s marker, so while everyone moves around during the event, you can still tell who is who based on this marker. People attending an event will look down onto the platform from a birdseye’s view, so you can see the whole area and immerse yourself in the event.

2. Tables – Uniquely, Remo allows people to experience a tableside talk while virtual. Each floor has 19 tables – 15 in the middle and 2 on each side – with 6 seats on each table. The table model allows for more intimate and focused conversations all the while providing plenty of space for all of the participants. If you have 100 or more people attending, the Remo platform automatically adds more floors so that all the attendees can sit at a table and enjoy the event. When you enter, all you have to do is click on a table and start talking! To switch to a different table and conversation, just double click the table you want to move to, it’s that simple!

As a host, you can customize the name of each table to guide the conversations. For example, if I am planning a company workshop, I can name each table something different like “Human Resources” and the next “Growth Team” so that the conversations can happen within each team. Tables allow for smaller conversations all the while being a part of the greater event.

3. Presentation – Lights! Camera! Action! Remo is great for presentations. Just like an in-person conference, whenever you want the attention to come back to the stage, press “Present” and it will switch to a one-screen mode. Then, all of the attendees can see and hear your presentation. You can also bring additional people – called “speakers” – to talk and present at the same time.

4. Communication – Communicating in a virtual event has never been easier! In addition to the live video communication at each table and the presentation mode, Remo offers multiple other avenues to help your attendees communicate. Haven’t you always wished that you could get the intense feeling of collaboration and innovation when your team is jotting down ideas on a whiteboard? Well, we got you covered with our “Whiteboard”, which allows you to sketch, diagram, upload videos, press post-its, and more. Ever been frustrated at having multiple group chats? Now we offer built-in group chats for the whole event, each table, and individual messages. Ever needed to use a loudspeaker to get the attention of your event? No need to shout as you can blast out an announcement, which allows the host to broadcast messages that immediately show up on the screens of all attendees. The best part? All these communication tools are in one centralized, convenient, and highly personal platform.

5. Customization – Make the Remo platform your own and unique to your event. Customize the look and the feel of the event floorplan to evoke your brand in the event, install sponsor media and ads to earn income, and add a video on the sides of the platform as a final touch. You can even customize the domain name of your event link. The avenues for customization are virtually limitless.

Sounds pretty simple, right? If you want more information, go to or check out our use cases below to find out other ways we can help you power any event!