How To Host A Killer Online Christmas Party on Remo

Companies are going online for this festive season and throwing gatherings with distance!

Did you cancel the office party this year due to the perils of the coronacoaster and considering an online Christmas party instead? 

More and more companies are sending out emails – we regret to inform you, but the Christmas party is not happening this year. That is understandable due to, well, 2020. 

According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, which annually surveys US human resources professionals on their company’s holiday celebration plans, of 189 surveyed, about 55% said their company is not having a holiday celebration this year. In the UK, an HR review survey suggests, less than a fifth of UK companies are still planning on having a workplace Christmas party this year. 

So, whilst we can have a debate on feeling nostalgic about rushing to the stores for Secret Santa gifts, rifling through our wardrobes for the ugly Christmas sweater or, the tentative crawl into the office the next day, we will certainly miss the camaraderie, the laughs, and the recognition. 

The reality is the ritual of coming together has never been so important in 2020. So, Virtual Punks, a new company formed in lockdown, decided to push Remo to its outer edges. They have introduced different ways to host a killer online Christmas party that would make your employees happy! 

If you’re an avid Remo user, you’ll know the functionality and flexibility of the platform already, but have you wondered how to build and host your own little winter wonderland? Well, let us open the door of the grotto as we share some tips on how our busy elves created this snow-capped thing of beauty. 

Build your own custom floor plan and make it feel like Christmas!

Yes, feel, not just look. You practically smell the nutmeg and pinecones as you enter the festive floor plan. They’ve even invited virtual reindeer to host one of the tables. Here is a sneak peek at Remo’s Christmas floor plan!

Do you want to build a snowman?

Virtual Punks sorted it all out! They created big spaces to play and small corners to chill. Each with a purpose and festive focus. Using the whiteboard to its full potential, from a Santa Banter poetic puzzle to a great snow globe challenge and home scavenger hunt set against the clock. They really do let it snow.

Be a reverse humbug.

Some of the experiences of festive office bashes tend to be like the ghost of Christmas past. You know the ones when bold Bob from HR and novelty zany ties have few too many tequilas and ends up saying something he regrets, and you’re stuck at his table till the chariots arrive. One of the best things about Remo is that of choice. You can always find a space to discover and bring joy to the world. On top of that, they’ve hired magical magicians, side-splitting stand-up comedians; even improv rap.

Make it festive immersive.

A bad host, whether it’s virtual or face-to-face is a bad host. The Dutch have a rather fab word, Gezellig (pronounced heh-SELL-ick)  meaning includes everything from cozy to friendly, from comfortable to relaxing, and from enjoyable to gregarious. It’s a tricky word to fully translate but a wonderful experience to be part of. They don’t just have a cocktail bar, they’ve got recipes for cocktails, mocktails, video tutorials, paint by prosecco, even an in-person expert shaker to show you how.

Alight the senses. ​

Stream some tunes. Have a go at the silent disco. Pop yourself on mute. Grab a great pair of headphones, turn up the volume and discover some alternative cool Xmas classics. Not a Mariah or Bublé in sight.

Facilitate, curate, and create.

It’s not enough just to lease your space for a fantastic online Christmas Party. The interaction will always beat being passive done to. Social connections trump solitary isolation, their hosts connect and don’t just project. Exploration wins over informing. We believe the possibilities are more remarkable when we choose our adventure. 

If your company fancies having your bash in your own little Lapland lounge in the cloud, then please drop Virtual Punks via email or Twitter.

Are you also intrigued to see what your company can create on Remo for the upcoming festive season? Drop-in one of Remo’s free Live Demo Sessions or start a Free Trial! 

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